Sofa / Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Sofa Cleaning MelbourneAssurance Property Management provides professional service in fabric upholstery cleaning by using the latest in upholstery tools and complete hot water extraction methods to ensure an amazing, in-depth cleanse of your lounge suites, couches, chairs, recliners, office chairs, car seats, and much more!

A build-up of dirt, dust, sweat, food stains and drink spills can accumulate over time creating an environment suitable for bacteria and damage to fester in your furniture. Don’t let your furniture suffer long-term damage by not scheduling a consultation with our friendly techs! At APM, we strive daily to offer the highest level of care and a thorough cleaning of any upholstery to protect your family, friends, pets, workers, and clients from any exposure to harmful bacteria and allergens such as dust mites at an affordable price.


Safe To Use, Top-Of-The-Line Cleaners

Over-the-counter upholstery cleaners can be extremely harsh on your fabric and can easily destroy furniture and other pieces of upholstery because of the type of chemicals that are in the cleaners. Unfortunately, many people destroy expensive office furniture by trying to clean out easy to remove dirt on their own. Save yourself money and contact a APM professional commercial sofa & upholstery cleaning Melbourne that can clean your upholstery right the first time and protect it at the same time. What you will experience is a quick clean with no risk!

We only use child and pet-friendly cleaning solutions that are 100% non-toxic and biodegradable. Your health and safety are always our primary concern and we make continuous efforts to improve the quality of care and cleaners that we use to make sure your family and pets are safe and happy! We will always work quickly and efficiently to have your upholstery cleaned and primed back to like-new condition so you can get back to your daily living.

Choose outstanding quality service for your fabric Upholstery, Sofa Cleaning Melbourne – call today!