Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne

Tile cleaning Melbourne | Tile Cleaning Services | Grout cleaning Melbourne | Grout Cleaning Services Assurance Property Management meets and exceeds customers expectations with the latest equipment, expertise, and experience in cleaning tile & grout and other external hard floor areas. Cleaning the grout that embeds itself between tiles is a difficult task. Contaminants are easily trapped in porous grout and no amount of cleaning will remove these unhealthy problems…. But wait..our specialised service can! Our system ensures removal of dirt, food spillages, leaks, mould, mildew, oil/grease, moss, and algae to restore your tile and grout and other external hard floors to its original state. Our powerful and latest Truck-Mount System uses a rotary extraction tool with high-pressure hot water to effectively clean the dirt and other contaminants built up on and between tile, yet remaining gentle on your surfaces. Our certified and skilled technicians are professionals that are educated in tile and grout cleaning and sealing. You can rest easy knowing that the experts at APM understand how different types of tile react to different chemicals and that your floors are safe in our hands!


Tile & Grout

Grout can accumulate dirt in your kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and any other tile flooring around your home, office and other properties. We specialise in cleaning:

  • ceramic
  • terracotta
  • porcelain
  • granite
  • limestone
  • marble
  • quarry
  • slate
  • travertine
  • victorian tiles, and more!

Commercial tile and grout can be extremely sensitive and because it typically sees a heavy amount of traffic, it can get dirty and stained very easily. A quick solution to dirty or stained tile and grout in your commercial office is a professional cleaning from APM tile cleaning Melbourne! We apply a premium non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning solution specific to your flooring, pressurised hot water, and extraction to leave them sparkling clean!

To protect your tile surface and grout from soiling and staining we can also apply a high-quality protective sealer to keep them looking newer longer.

Do It Right The First Time – Call APM For Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Melbourne!