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vDid you spill something on your brand new sofa? Did someone drop a glass of wine on your white carpet? Have your carpets been exposed to heavy foot traffic recently? Don’t panic! The professionals at Assurance Property Management are your spot and stain removal experts! Whether it’s your home or business carpets and furniture, APM can help you remove difficult spots and tough stains in any material.

Lots of heavy traffic, pets, and spills can leave difficult to remove stains that can destroy your property and ruin the look and feel of your home. Carpets and furniture that are covered in stains and spots do not look pleasing or sanitary. Fortunately, APM has the equipment and cleaning products you need to remove even the toughest of stains.

Save Time And Money By Calling Professionals

Don’t waste your time or money on difficult to use and harsh cleaning supplies. Most store-bought products are so harsh they can damage your carpets and furniture more than they will help. Not only are these toxic chemicals hard on your floors and upholstery, but it can take a really long time to make any progress in removing stains and spots. Some stains and spots have sat for so long that no amount of scrubbing will remove them. Save yourself the hassle and call our qualified team to quickly and safely help. APM has certified and trained individuals that can clean up spots and stains while protecting your investment instead of harming it.

Stains and spills are nearly unavoidable. We understand that. That is why APM offers top-of-the-line stain and spot removal at affordable prices. Don’t spend thousands of dollars replacing dirty carpets when a good deep-clean may be all that you need!

Premium Spot & Stain Removal With APM – Call Us Now!

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