Odour Removal

Odour RemovalAre you experiencing a bad odour in your home or business? Do you know where it’s coming from? People often think that they have to get rid of their carpets and furniture to eliminate foul odours, but that is not true. All it takes to remove a bad smell is professional odour removal by Assurance Property Management in Melbourne. Don’t waste time or money by throwing out old furniture, tapestries, rugs, or carpet. You can easily eliminate bad smells with quality odour removal from our experienced pros!

Our professional staff is trained to rid carpets, floors, couches, mattresses and other personal property of unpleasant, persistent odours. Some odours are not only unpleasant but unsanitary. APM can clean, sanitize, and refresh your home in no time!


Eliminate Hard To Remove Odours Fast

Cigarette smoke and pet urine are two of the most common sources of bad odour that people think cannot be eliminated without throwing out the contaminated property. People often rip up carpets and throw out decent furniture because of bad smells. However, professional odour removal can easily and quickly get rid of bad smells from most pieces of personal property.

Mould, mildew, lingering cigarette smoke, pet odours, and other common contaminants can be difficult to find and make it hard to rid your home of nasty smells. But, APM has the experience needed to find the source of, and eliminate the most difficult odours. Our team specialises in the cleaning and restoration of homes and businesses and any challenge is welcome!

Our team uses the most up-to-date and advanced cleaning equipment to provide the best clean at an affordable price. Don’t throw out any piece of personal property before you check with a certified odour removal professional from APM!

Remove Tough Odours Fast – Call APM Now!!