Mattress Cleaning
Mattress CleaningDid you know that you are supposed to have your mattresses professionally cleaned every 6-12 months to protect yourself from gross contaminants and bacteria? When we spend nearly one-third of our lifetimes on our mattresses, our health depends on us ensuring clean and safe sleeping spaces. Aside from dirt and contaminants, mattresses are covered in body dander, body odour, and sweat. If you have pets that sleep with you, they only add to the filth that a mattress can accumulate. Fortunately, APM has the equipment and knowledgeable crew that you need to deeply clean and sanitise your mattresses to ensure a good night’s rest. Assurance Property Management is a full-cleaning company in Melbourne that works tirelessly to make sure our communities, families, and businesses are safe and healthy by providing a variety of cleaning services. Our mattress cleaning techniques are industry standard which means that you will receive the deepest and safest cleanse on the market.


Don’t Rely On DIY Mattress Cleaning Techniques

Don’t rely on simple at-home techniques to keep your mattresses clean and sanitised. Many do-it-yourself techniques will not reach deep within the fibers of your mattress to ensure a quality cleanse. In fact, the majority of at-home-cleaning techniques will not reach further than the surface of your mattress to remove foul odours and sweat, or spots and stains. Our state of the art equipment is designed to clean in a way that no other equipment can! Our professionals will take away bad odours, eliminate stains, and make your mattress feel like its brand new again. You will be so impressed with our mattress cleaning that you may schedule your next one in less than 6 months!

Remove Odours & Stains Fast – Call APM For Quality Mattress Cleaning!