Laminate/Vinyl Floor Cleaning

Laminate/Vinyl Floor CleaningIf you are in need of quality laminate or vinyl floor cleaning, look no further than Assurance Property Management in Melbourne. APM is highly qualified and experienced in cleaning and restoring laminate and vinyl floors to look fresh and new again. Our industry best cleaning processes will remove scuffs and scratches, remove tough dirt and grime, and eliminate stains. Not only does APM work quickly, but they are affordable. Get the floors in your home or business looking showroom ready now!


Protect Your Floors, Protect Your Investment

Your floors are an investment in your business and many at-home cleaning products are just too harsh and can cause damage rather than helping maintain the life of your floors. Don’t rely on dangerous store-bought chemicals to clean and maintain your vinyl and laminate floors. APM has the top-of-the-line cleaning equipment that is safe and designed to gently clean and polish for a brand new look!

Sometimes, vinyl and linoleum are damaged beyond simple cleaning. Ask APM what we can do to help you restore your floors to a like-new condition.

Remember, routine cleaning and maintenance is vital to the lifespan of your vinyl and laminate floors. Do not miss out on these crucial steps in protecting your investment. Call Assurance Property Management today for an estimate and remember that you can always rely on us for your cleaning and restoration needs in both your home and your office!

You Can Rely On Our Laminate And Vinyl Floor Specialists – Call APM Today!!

Suitable for all types of floors in almost every type of building – APM is the vinyl floor cleaning experts you can trust. For more information about stripping and sealing vinyl flooring or for any of our other services, simply get in touch today!