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Flood / Water Damage

Water Damage Restoration MelbourneIf you have suffered from any water damage or flooding to your property APM can provide professional service to restore your property immediately!

Water can cause a large amount of damage in a short amount of time and originate from many different sources including;

  • • Heavy rain
  • Burst pipes
  • • Plumbing leaks
  • • Leaking roof
  • • Foundation cracks
  • • Broken dishwasher hose
  • • Washing machine, sink and tub overflows
  • • Clogged toilet

It is essential to address water damage quickly as it can often save you thousands of dollars in repair costs and minimise the chances of mould,mildew, and bacteria growth to your residential, commercial or industrial property.

The first stage is Water Extraction. It will be difficult to restore your property to a safe and dry state without the proper equipment to thoroughly remove the water deep under the surface. APM is fully equipped to address this unfortunate event with the latest Truck-Mount System!

The second stage is to Dry the area. We use blowers to dry the area quickly and thoroughly and dehumidifiers to make sure any excess moisture is evaporated.

We treat the area with anti-mould sprays to prevent mould from growing and deodorise...

APM provide 24/7 Water Damage Restoration to compact these unfortunate incidences to prevent damage and contaminants to your property so call now!




"During the 2 years or so I have used these services I have had no complaints and would therefore recommend APM to any party"....read more..


my chemist


" Im so glad APM approached me to steam clean my carpet, they removed the spots and stains, which I was previously told by other cleaners they could not be removed!! Their equipment is amazing.  I highly recommend their service."
Sam Bassaly
My Chemist - Owner
Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre

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