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Assurance Property Management
3/132 Swan Street, Richmond 3121
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Choose outstanding quality service for your fabric Upholstery Cleaning !

Assurance Property Management provide professional service in cleaning your fabric Upholstery with the latest upholstery tools and hot water extraction method to ensure an in depth clean of your Lounge Suites, Sofas, Couches, Chairs, Recliners, Office Chairs, Car Seats and more..

Build-up of dirt, dust, sweat, food stains and drink spills accumulates overtime creating an environment for bacteria and damage to your furniture. At APM we strive to ensure a thorough clean of your upholstery to protect your family, friends, pets, workers and clients from any exposure to bacteria and allergens such as dust mites.

We only use child and pet friendly cleaning solutions that is 100% non toxic and biodegradable, so call now to have your upholstery furniture back to its primary condition!




"During the 2 years or so I have used these services I have had no complaints and would therefore recommend APM to any party"....read more..


my chemist


" Im so glad APM approached me to steam clean my carpet, they removed the spots and stains, which I was previously told by other cleaners they could not be removed!! Their equipment is amazing.  I highly recommend their service."
Sam Bassaly
My Chemist - Owner
Aspendale Gardens Shopping Centre

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